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FAQ - frequently asked questions

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    • How does Euro-Sprinters calculate kilometres?

    The kilometres are charged from the closest departure point to the pick-up address, then to the next pick-up and/or delivery address and eventually back to the departure point.

    • I am a consumer. Can I use Euro-Sprinters?

    Consumers are welcome to use the services of Euro-Sprinters. As you are not registered for VAT, you will have to pay for our services in cash. You can do so at the loading or unloading address. The driver cannot hand over the goods to the recipient before the payment is made.


    Please remember that the price calculated on our website does not include VAT or waiting times. To get a correct price, call our Customer Care service on 0800 32 233, fill out the contact form or email

    • When can I place an order with Euro-Sprinters?

    Euro-Sprinters is available 24/7 the whole year through, including Sundays and public holidays.

    • How can I place an order with Euro-Sprinters?

    There are three ways to place an order with Euro-Sprinters:


    By phone: Our Customer Care service is always ready to take your call on 0800 32 233.


    By email: You can place your order at


    Online: To place an order online you need a personal login and password, which you can request by sending your contact details to Please bear in mind that you must place an order by phone before requesting a login and password.

    • Do my goods have to fulfil any specific conditions?

    No, Euro-Sprinters carries goods from 1g to 24t. Goods do not need to be packed in a special way or bear a label.

    • Can Euro-Sprinters also provide heavy haulage services?

    Euro-Sprinters is also able to haul heavy goods for you. You do need to request this service specially by phone or email.

    • When do I pay a fixed charge?

    The fixed charge is payable instead of the standard tariff in these cases:

    • type 450: journeys shorter than 45km;
    • type 800: journeys shorter than 75km;
    • type 1500: journeys shorter than 125km.
    • What supplements may be payable?

    A 15-minute waiting time at the loading and unloading address is always included in the price. If the actual wait is longer, an additional charge is payable for every block of 15 minutes.


    All costs (such as tolls, customs duties and ferry charges) will be charged separately. Our service partner will always provide proof of these costs.


    A fuel surcharge is payable on all journeys. The exact tariff is recalculated every month.


    • Can I cancel my shipment?

    At Euro-Sprinters it makes a big difference whether you cancel more than four hours in advance.


    More than four hours:


    Types 450, 800 and 1500: you can cancel your shipment free of charge.

    Types 5000 up to 24000: if you cancel you will be liable for 60% of the shipping price.

    Less than four hours:


    Types 450, 800 and 1500: you pay a fixed charge or the costs already incurred.

    Types 5000 up to 24000: you pay the shipping price in full.


    • Can I track my shipment?

    You can track your shipment in real time using our online tool. All Service Partners are equipped with a PDA or mobile app. Our custom-made IT systems ensure you can always access up-to-date information on the status of your shipment.


    What you can do with our online tool:


    • place orders;
    • calculate prices;
    • track the status of your shipment;
    • check pick-up and delivery times;
    • request the name and signature of the recipient;
    • review all your shipments for the month.


    After placing your first order by phone or email, you can request a personal login and password from our Customer Care service. You can do so by phone, by email or by clicking the “Login” link opposite.